Storage HPE SD MSA 1060 SAS 12Gb Dual Ctr SFF - R0Q87A

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What's New

New 6th Gen MSA storage architecture with new HW and SW features including Tiering 2.0, RAID protection scheme (MSA DP+), a new web interface, and data management through a new RESTful interface.
Improved array performance that provides more IOPS, more bandwidth and expanded backend connectivity.
Up to 55% increase on IOPS, and up to 100% improvement on sequential throughput vs MSA Gen5 (depending on host protocol).
New disk group type (MSA DP+) that increases availability, dramatically decreases RAID rebuild times, improves performance, simplifies setup and provides more granular expansion of disk pools.
Key Features

Accelerate Applications Affordably

The HPE MSA 1060 Storage is capable of delivering over 150,000 IOPS for affordable application acceleration for small to medium-sized businesses and deployments.

The MSA 1060 platform delivers allows users to define and deploy hybrid or flash configurations from day one and grow as needs change.

MSA's 'Set and Forget' Data Services does not Require a Dedicated Storage Administrator to Manage

The HPE MSA 1060 Storage is easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain, even for an IT generalist. Administrators will find the MSA 1060's new Storage Management Utility intuitive and easy to navigate.

HPE MSA's automated tiering engine dynamically responds to workload changes so you don't have to, insuring the hottest data will be moved to the fastest media automatically and in real-time.

Leverage Data Protection Features to Keep your Business Running in the Event of a Disaster

The HPE MSA 1060 Storage delivers virtualized snapshot technology making data protection and instant recovery a snap.

Remote replication via Fibre Channel (FC) or iSCSI facilitates affordable disaster recovery solution.

Flexible, Modular Architecture that Facilitates Growth into the Future

The HPE MSA1060 Storage supports a combination of 3.5 inch LFF and 2.5 inch SFF base enclosures to a maximum of 3 (4 including base system) enclosures.

Start small and scale as needed with any combination of SSDs, Enterprise SAS HDDs or Midline SAS HDDs.

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Informações Gerais
Nome do produto HPE MSA 1060 12GB SAS SFF Armazenamento PL-li
Número da peça do fabricante R0Q87A
Série de produtos 1000
Modelo de produto 1060
Tipo de produto Sistema de armazenamento SAN
Host Interface SAS de 12Gb/s
Número de portas SAS (Externas) 4
Número de Controladores 2
Tipo de controlador SCSI anexado serial (SAS)
RAID suportado Sim
Expansões de I/O
Número de Baias de Expansão Total 24
Número de Baias de 2,5" 24
Número de discos rígidos suportados 24
Número de discos rígidos instalados 0
Número de unidade de estado sólido suportada 24
Número de unidade de estado sólido instalada 0
Agrupamento suportado Sim
Características Físicas
Fator de forma Rack-mountable
Altura do rack 2u
Estrela de Energia Sim
Outras informações
Família de produtos 1000